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Centre for Military Studies (CMS) is a research centre at the Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen. Based on academic research in strategic studies, CMS provides research-based public sector services with the publication of reports and advice on current security and defense matters to the Danish Folketing (Parliament), the parties behind the Danish Defense Agreement as well as the Ministry of Defense. As part of this, CMS also hosts public seminars, conferences and debate meetings, contribute to public debate and teach at the Department of Political Science. The Centre hosts a yearly summer school on Danish Defense Policies and Strategic Studies.

Henrik Ø. Breitenbauch is Director, and Kristian Søby Kristensen Deputy Director. Employees at the Centre include senior researchers and researchers (associate and assistant professor equivalents), military analysts, Ph.D. fellows and research assistants, along with student assistants and a Centre Administrator. In 2016, CMS was recognized as no. 19 out of 85 on University of Pennsylvania’s list of global think tanks in the category ‘Defense and National Security’.