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Scientific and military staff associated with Centre for Military Studies, Department of Political Sciences, UCPH

Mikkel Broen JakobsenAcademic Officer +45 353-32457E-mail
Kristian Søby KristensenDeputy head of centre, senior researcher +45 353-24084E-mail
Henrik Ø. BreitenbauchHead of centre, senior researcher +45 353-24086E-mail
Torben Toftgaard EngenMilitary analyst +45 353-33862E-mail
Hans Peter MichaelsenMilitary analyst +45 353-34802E-mail
Niels ByrjalsenPhD fellow  E-mail
Niels ByrjalsenResearch assistant +45 353-36847E-mail
Troels Gauslå EngellResearch assistant +45 353-32241E-mail
Katja Lindskov JacobsenSenior researcher +45 353-33869E-mail
Gary John Schaub JrSenior researcher +45 353-24091E-mail
Annemette Tønnov RasmussenStudent  E-mail