1 November 2017

CMS hosted the seminar Baltic Security and Hybrid Warfare

Tuesday, October 31, Centre for Military Studies hosted the seminar "Baltic Security and Hybrid Warfare". The seminar focused on the challenges that hybrid warfare poses to the security of the Baltic region and on possible counterstrategies. 

Eitvydas Bajarūnas, Ambassador at Large, Lithuanian Foreign Ministry and  Gary Schaub, Senior Researcher, Centre for Military Studies were invited to discuss this theme.

Dr. Schaub stressed that the objective of using hybrid warfare techniques is to disrupt and confuse in order to delegitimize liberal, democratic governance. In addition Mr. Bajarūnas pointed to the fact that hybrid warfare is difficult to counter because all of society is encompassed.

Both speakers looked positively on the fact that NATO during the Warzaw summit confirmed that hybrid threats could provoke an activation of article 5. Furthermore, Mr. Bajarūnas also referred to the effectiveness of the civilian population when it comes to counter Russian misinformation on social media.