Evaluation of CMS

CMS is a centre at the University of Copenhagen which carries out strategic research and provides research-based public sector services with a focus on topical military, defence and security policy issues and provides an organizational framework for interdisciplinary research cooperation between the University of Copenhagen, other research institutions and other relevant parties. The Centre was established on 1 April 2010 on basis of a decision by the parties of the Danish Defence Agreement. The annual budget of CMS is about 10 million DKK, primarily financed by the budget of the Defence Agreement.

In 2013 CMS’s activities was evaluated by an international panel of experts:

Dr. Søren Barlebo Rasmussen (chairman)
Professor Mats Bredal
Professor Rolf Tamnes
EEAS advisor Daniel Korski
Consultant on the evaluation report was Pia Gundelach Jørnø

The panel concluded, among other things, that:

We find, overall, that the extent and quality of CMS’s work since its establishment in 2010 are impressive, all the more so given the small number of full-time research staff employed by the Centre. This holds true for the Centre’s publications as well as for its various outreach and networking activities.

We find that CMS has accomplished the two first phases with great success, i.e. the start-up phase and the phase of establishment. Now CMS is facing the third phase, the consolidation phase. The transition to this third phase entails an important shift of development which is decisive for the Centre successfully ending in the fourth and final phase as a mature, sustainable centre. We wish to underline that the development which the centre now faces requires significant support and involvement of the central stakeholders for becoming successful. 

Read the whole report here.